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BRANDYAY'S 3D Designer is integrated with the Shopify Platform to help you focus more on your creativity and get your products to market quickly. Our innovative platform allows you to bring your designs to life in real time using your own images and logos that are drag and drop with precision. This feature allows you to visualize your product uniqueness while getting you to market fast. Simply upload your graphics and move them in place to your satisfaction on separate pattern parts, then apply them to the 3D models to view your results. Not only is this visually stimulating but it’s a lot of fun! 
BRANDYAY® is the only integrated platform to let you launch your own apparel clothing brand designed, produced and delivered to order, under your label, with no minimum order quantities. We took in consideration all the frustrating steps in takes to launch a brand and simplified the process from idea to going to market. Once you are happy with your design, you just push that item to your Shopify store and it’s ready for sale instantly.

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