Printing Artwork


All custom orders are required to be submitted on one of our templates. Templates vary in size but are generally 57' x 45'. They are RGB 150 dpi PNG files. We prefer submission of files in PNG, but JPG is acceptable if needed. You may alter the DPI if needed but do not change the size dimensions of the template, this will alter the garment and we cannot be responsible for size alterations of the template. 

Creating Templates

An image editing program is required to create templates, such as Photoshop or Gimp. Gimp is a free program. Choose the corresponding size needed for your item and place the artwork underneath the mask. Adjust the placement of the design. Keep in mind that most items have approximately a 1/2 seam around the edges. So do not place important items on this edge. Items with Flat Lock stitching may be more than 3/4 inch.

Template notes are included, so that you have an idea of where items are placed on the garment. Exact placement of items and lining up artwork across seams is difficult, so we recommend purchasing a test item, before ordering significant quantities.

When finished with your template, Order the corresponding size and style. When check out is complete. add your order number to your template and upload to the link provided. We are currently unable to provide upload during checkout because of the large file sizes.

There is a instructional video on templates and ordering in the template folder or see it here.

Template Updates

Templates are updated from time to time. Please try to use the most updated template. Version dates will be posted on template pages, when they are updated.


Because of the difference in computer monitors, color may vary slightly from website or template images. If you need to match specif colors, you may submit a swatch test that we will print and send back to you. Contact us for more information about swatch tests.


Our printing process allows for very good reproduction of fine details in your artwork. Keep in mind that because of the sublimation process and product shrinkage, very fine lines may not reproduce well. Fine lines and small text may incur a shadow effect.


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